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Sanchez Already Looks To Have Adapted

What a relief that is. After two weeks of suffering under the sadistic international break’s wrath, we’re back. The game against City marked the end of the first interlull that this column has ever endured.

It was quite a game, too. While we didn't win, it was exciting enough to bring me back to my normal self. It's a real shame we didn't pick up the victory, because we certainly had the opportunity to. We dominated reasonably long spells of the game, and had a couple of clear chances go to waste.

In the end, though, a draw is okay. It means we now have 6 points from 4 games, which is pretty sh!t, but hey, at least we're still undefeated. Unfortunately, Ozil had yet another disappointing game, with some Arsenal "fans" saying we should sell him. Don't listen to them, Mesut. F*ck the haters. Having said that, he's really not playing well at the moment. "Anonymous" is generally the best word to describe him right now, and even when he's seen on the ball, he tends to lose it quite a lot.

The stat that he's most known for; his assists, isn't too promising either. He's managed 3 assists in his last 19 Premier League games. I've been a big fan of Ozil's for quite a while now. I still am. However, when you sign a player for 42.5 million pounds, you expect them to be quite good for you. You expect them to be able to run the game, and control it as they please. That isn't happening right now.

Could it be because he's being played on the left? Probably. I think that's part of the reason he's been so lacklustre. But I think it's more than that. Some of his best performances for Real Madrid and Germany have been on the wing. For us, he's been ineffectual. I really do hope he'll find a way to show everyone just how good he is, and I hope he does it soon.

Anyway, onto happier things. Alexis is incredible. He doesn't look like he needs time to settle in, because the impact he's having right now is wonderful. Early season prediction: Alexis is going to be our player of the year.

Welbeck put in a promising performance, too. He looked like a man with a point to prove, and that's a trait that will make a good player into a great player. While he could have (and probably should have) scored when he went for the audacious chip over Hart instead of just slotting it past him, his movement, positioning, and dribbling all impressed me.

Wilshere had one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt, too. While the new formation is hindering the performances of some, Jack has completely thrived under it. The problem with him is that he's not a holding midfielder and he's not an attacking midfielder, so there isn't really a spot for him in the usual 4-2-3-1. He's more of a free-roaming central midfielder, and when given that freedom to drive forward, he's shone.

Overall, I think the team's performance was promising. It's an improvement on what we'd seen before it, so that can only be a positive.

In other news, Debuchy got injured. Quelle surprise. We don't know the length of his absence just yet, but I reckon we won't be seeing him for at least a month or two. What does this mean? Well, it means our only back-up centre back is now going to be our starting right back. He's also only played a few senior games in his whole career. As a starting back four, we're still looking solid. If we lose one of them to injury, which is more than possible and maybe even likely, we're left hanging on for our dear lives. Let's just hope that Debuchy comes back soon and everyone else remains available during that time.

Big game midweek. Dortmund and Arsenal meet again. We're going to win 3-2, Alexis scoring two and Ozil getting the other. I promise.

Enjoy it.

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