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5 ways to pass the time until the Premier League is back on

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As soon as the final whistle blew in the FA Cup Final club football was over for another season in England with English teams performing as poorly as ever in the UEFA Champions League therefore not contesting the that final. 8 weeks now stand between you and the event that signifies the start of the Premier League season; the Community Shield Final. We list some of the things you can be doing to help pass the time until the greatest competition in the world kicks off again.

Summer Holiday

It goes without saying that, come summer, most of us go off on our annual jolly to a warmer climate. You’ll be thinking less and less about the outrageous volleys and ‘tiki-taka’ passing displayed on the TV whilst you’re drinking yourself into a stupor and making the most of the all you can eat buffet. Holidays don’t last forever though and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sun yourself for 8 weeks when most of us look like a piece of rhubarb after 3 hours in the sun. You’ll have to come home and face the monotony of the rest of the summer without footy.

Praying for Transfers

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Holidays only last so long and when you get home you start thinking about the football season and more importantly, who Arsenal has decided to sign. This is crucial for the upcoming season and to be able to brag to your mates so it had better be someone good. You’ll sit there all afternoon as the same stories flash across the Sky Sports News screen, refreshing your news apps praying Arsenal has done the business whilst whacking on some Paddy Power football bets. In reality Wenger is probably going to wait until the final day and sign some really average players and leave you torn whether you’re even going to watch the footy next year. So whilst waiting until the Transfer Deadline Day, what else can you do?

Watching England

Desperate times call for desperate measures so when you literally have nothing else to do apart from the washing up, you can resort to watching the supposed pride of our nation play some international football. England are difficult to watch at the best of times for us 90s children, we didn’t have much knowledge of the Gazza era and the so called ‘Golden Generation’ we experienced were frankly indifferent at best. We endured different managers trying to fit Stevie G and Frank into the same time and watch a team heralded as world beaters crash out of every tournament. It hasn’t got any better, we now watch players who should be nowhere near the England shirt playing and making a show of us.

The youngsters aren’t doing terribly though and with the U-20’s recently winning the world cup, there might be some hope yet.

Watching Reality TV

In the summer time we’re pretty blessed in England with lots of options on the TV, it’s just a shame that 99% of it revolves around reality television. Don’t get me wrong, the first season of Big Brother was gripping and took the whole country by surprise but as we’re now on the 17,091th instalment of the thing, it might be worth dropping the dead donkey. 

Tackling the Garden

So summer has kicked off massively and so has your garden, bored of watching England play, fed up with watching the tripe broadcast through your television you decide it might be a good idea to tackle the garden as it’s starting to look like a rain forest. After walking up and down a couple of times with the lawn mower and realising that it’s just not working, you go down the local hardware shop and buy a new one that you’re going to use once, leave outside all year to repeat the same thing next year. However you will get massive bonus points for having the only garden worth having a BBQ in.

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