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3 Reasons Why Arsenal Fans Should Feel Optimistic

Arsenal's poor pre-season preparations and transfer dealings have been recurring themes in recent years. The blame was always put on Arsene Wenger, the board of directors or the players themselves. However, this pre-season it seems like Arsenal fans finally have something to be cheerful about. In the past if an Arsenal fan was feeling cheerful in the summer you would have probably thought that he had bought several online lottery tickets and one of those had the winning combination on it.

To be honest, going to the US online lottos will definitely cheer up even the most bitter football fans, especially if you consider that their jackpots constantly are in the hundreds of millions of dollars realm. This season though, the Gunners can finally feel some optimism about their team as well. Let's see why.

No Injuries

Well, not exactly no injuries, as Cazorla is still having his long term injury problem, but other than that, this Arsenal squad is almost injury free. And every coach likes starting the new season with a clean bill of health.

In addition, Arsenal might actually benefit from missing out on the Champions League. It seems like last season, missing on the Champions League was a blessing in disguise for Chelsea, as Conte had an injury free squad for the whole season and managed to lift the title come May.

Wenger will hope for the same scenario for his squad, especially as his squad was always depleted when the hectic Christmas period came and the number of games was too great for his limited squad of players to handle.

Doing Business Early

Every pre-season Arsenal fans are involved in some sort of long and drawn out transfer saga which hampers their preparations. This season however, the Gunners have done their shopping early in the transfer window and can now look forward to entering the season with a much more settled squad than in recent years.

Lacazzete and Kolasinac are both quality players and will probably slot easily in the squad as they will have more than a month of pre-season preparations to get themselves acquainted with the rest of the squad and with Wenger's methods.

Selling Bench Warmers

Players such as Sczeczny, Gibbs, Walcott, and Wilshere have long been given the label 'flatter to deceive'. However, it seems like those times are gone now as some of them have already left the club and others are already at the exit door.

Injuries, egos and lack of mental strength have all hampered the progress of these players and quite justifiably their time for the club is now up. This doesn't mean that Arsenal are not going to miss Sczeczny's brilliance when on his day, Walcott's pace or Wilshere's defence splitting passes. It's just that they are not the type of players who can go through the whole season without being injured or out of form.

The number of games which Arsenal will play this season also seems to have played a part in Wenger deciding to be more ruthless this pre-season.

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