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The Misguided Musings on Mesut Ozil

A lot has been made on the so-called 'experts' views. I myself have written a blog only two weeks ago listing the pros and cons of the pundit glitterati. It seems that a trophy-laden football career or a degree in sports journalism isn't required when airing your offerings in front of a camera or scribbling your thoughts onto a national rag. No, what is wanted, what is mandatory, is to raise enough heckles, turn enough heads to give the opinion credence via word of mouth, and to relent to tired cliches that are rolled out by no-marks and people who are trying to converse in a football conversation but have less clue than an England World Cup Celebration Committee. 

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Death of Tiki-Taka? You may want to put a bullet in the head to make sure......

The scene; World Cup 2010, South Africa. Iker Casillas holds aloft the most elusive of laurels. Spain swept all and sundry aside brutally to claim the mantle of World Champions. 

The pre-tournament favourites and the only nation that could come close to the sheer amount of talent in Spains squad was Germany, who were dumped out in the semi-final stage by the eventual winners. The Final was viewed, after the game was played, almost as a battle between good and evil.

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Battle of the World Cup Pundits....

The World Cup has been more than the expected stop-gap for Gooners until August brings us the Emirates Cup and the welcome return of our much-missed team. No, it's been a fillip, a shot in the arm to our flagging spirits as we lollop around like it's permanently 1pm on a Sunday, in a mental fugue attempting to recover from a session of inebriation, attempting in vain to ignore the inane transfer sh!te that fills our every waking minute. 

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