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Scottish Arsenal fan, suffering from an over-estimation of wit. Wispa Gold saviour. Fanshare. Aspiring commentator.

The FA Cup - Where were you when....

A roaring fire crackles quietly, it's susurration is the only noise that cracks the foreboding silence.  The licking flames are housed within an overbearing fireplace and ornate marble mantelpiece, which is the resting place for candles on either flank, their frollicking flames casting an elaborate shadow dance upon the walls.  In the centre of the thick slab of marble that sits atop the fiery embers, a brass carriage clock ticks it's ominous march, teaming up with the fires' crackling, creating music that only the tendrils of flame can dance to.

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Venting my spleen & Jack will be back.....

I’m writing this on the back of a venting.  An incident of catharsis.  A rising tide of tw*ts, a swarm of idiocy has crashed upon sensibility & grounded thoughts.  All of yesterday I was a witness to tweet upon tweet of transfer talk.  This would be a normal event at the end of the season.  A reasonable topic to be dissected, looking at our weaknesses & strengths, gazing lustily at the crop of talent in Europe, seeing where Wenger could send our roving Knight of Negotiations, Dick Law.  Names bandied around like cigarettes in a prison.  I’m not entirely blameless either, I’ve discussed players who I’d like to see wearing the Cannon.  The straw that breaks Kallstroms’ back however, is that people are having a pop at Arsene for not doing his business early. 

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Reinforcements Required, Cup Final & That Trophy Primate

This is just my opinion.  Don't get sand in your ars*hole.

A 1-0 win Vs Pepe Mels' West Brom in our last home game this season which I regrettably wasn't able to attend brings about a 7pt gap over Everton in 5th but also closes the gap on Chelski. Ollies' winning goal was his 22nd this season. Not bad for a sub-standard misfit who's been flogged harder than players in a Felix Magath training session. When he's in a bad mood. In the rain. Whilst wearing Ye Olde Diving Suits. You get the picture. The boy dun good. Where does this leave us?

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