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Scottish Arsenal fan, suffering from an over-estimation of wit. Wispa Gold saviour. Fanshare. Aspiring commentator.

Psychic Predicts Arsenal's End To The Season

Good evening. I am still Jokman, your faithful ever-trying wordsmith. Today however, there is a massive difference. No, it’s not because I’m currently wearing my wife’s underwear. No, I took a class last week, fronted by none other than Scouse Spirit-botherer himself, Derek Acorah. I was anxious, you see. The Cup Semi (ha!), even the match Vs the Hammers, had taken it’s toll. I can’t rest knowing so much hangs on the next 4 games.

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Flirting With Carpet & Arresting Our Beloved Club...

Let’s be honest, there isn’t really anything else I can write about is there, other than the semi……..hrmph.

I sit here, ensconced in sweat. It’s Monday, early evening and I’m typing after just finishing exercises that my lungs and heart, after a lifetime of smoking and a staple diet of battered Mars Bars and questionable sheep offal, are struggling to deal with. Much like Oscar Pistorius’ Defence Attorney. The strange thing is, if I rewind my mind to Saturday and the semi (Ha!) I was in exactly the same physical condition, minus the typing.

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